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Argentina: tanners happy about planned raw material ban
2014/1/26 8:49:24 Source: Leatherbiz Author: 点击率:

Livestock farmers in Argentina have complained about a government proposal to put a temporary ban on exports of raw hides and wet blue.

Chief of the government’s cabinet of ministers, Jorge Capitanich, held talks with representatives of Argentina’s tanning, footwear and leathergoods industries in mid-January and, according to reports in local media, suggested to them that the government was preparing to stop raw and semi-finished hides from leaving the country.

This move would guarantee a supply at relatively affordable prices of raw hides for tanners and of finished leather for footwear and leathergoods manufacturers.

But livestock farmers have complained, saying that if raw hides have to go to customers in Argentina, suppliers will be unable to charge the high prices currently available on international markets. Farmers have said dealers and abattoirs will pay them less for cattle going to slaughter.

The country’s minister for industry, Débora Giorgi, has said she believes the ban will help boost the value of leather-sector exports. She pointed out that leathergoods export values of $140 million in 2007 had fallen to $34 million in 2013.

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