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ZDHC issues framework for hazardous textile chemicals
2014/1/7 8:47:32 Source: footwearbiz Author: 点击率:

The Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Group has announced a framework for prioritising the phase out of hazardous chemical substances used in the apparel and footwear supply chain.

“This framework is a critical step in achieving our vision of zero discharge of hazardous chemicals across supply chains and product life cycles by 2020,” said the group, which includes Nike, New Balance, Puma and adidas.

In 2012, ZDHC published a database of thousands of chemicals (at the CAS number level) used in the apparel and footwear industry. A pared down list of restricted chemicals was identified as a starting point. The list was a subset to chemicals appearing on restricted or watch lists, such as the bluesign system substance list, brand restricted substance lists, the Substitute it Now (SIN) list and the KEMI hazardous chemicals in textiles list.

The initial list of chemicals will be prioritised for action, using the framework to rank the chemicals by three main criteria: hazard, volume and use pattern. “An influence filter has been developed to focus the ZDHC team’s efforts on substances that the group can influence quickly and identify supply chain stakeholders that may be needed to initiate action on a chemical substance,” said Cheryl Kreindler, ZDHC programme manager.

“Chemicals that appear on the list may already be banned by many brands. However, our goal is to ensure that these banned chemicals do not reenter the supply chain. These chemicals will be addressed immediately by placing them onto an MRSL. In other cases, the chemicals on the prioritised list may not have safer alternatives available. We are committed to working with key stakeholders to research, develop and implement safer alternatives. This may take many years but an action that we are committed to begin now.”

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