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Ethiopia: House Passed Hides and Skins Marketing Law
2013/12/24 17:00:59 Source: 2merkato Author:Meraf Leykun 点击率:

The Ethiopian House of Peoples' Representatives passed the revised Raw Hides, Skins & Hides Marketing Proclamation during its ninth regular session on Thursday, The Reporter reported.

The law is said to streamline raw hides and skins trading process and strengthen the care accorded to hides and skins.

According to the proclamation, the law is aimed at to target the existing challenges in the supply and quality of leather and hide, and expanding a modern and fair trade system.

The revised law will limit the number of people involved in the marketing process with no contribution to the supply chain, to reduce prices.

The new proclamation passed with after a short deliberation, with a unanimous vote.

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