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CLIA’s web helps you expand market in China
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[Guide] is an official website of China Leather Industry Association and the authoritative portal web in China leather industry, which focuses on the services to enterprises by providing news, BTOB e-commerce and solution to individual companies. To create cooperative opportunities between Chinese and overseas companies, currently we have launched a series of service to foreign companies on expansion of Chinese market with free of charge that include:

1. Assisting foreign companies to establish a long terms of business relation with Chinese counterparts on buying and selling.

2. Helping foreign companies to establish joint venture with Chinese enterprises and organizations or launch in-depth cooperation on other businesses.

3. Offering them customized service, such as branding strategy in China market and so on.

Manufacturers and companies who are interesting in such cooperation, please directly contact us,if you are the industrial organizations please sending our letter to your members, or we may launch further discussion and exchanges to seek possibility of cooperation between our members.

Requirements: To ensure security and interests the certificates or business license of enterprises are demanded to be presented. We expect our cooperation with you soon.

Contact person: Ouyang Zhi

Tell: 0086-10-65225892


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