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China Leather Shoes & Sport Shoes Commission of China Leather Industry Association
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General Introduction

China Leather Shoes & Sport Shoes Commission,a branch of CLIA, is approved for registration by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Its task is to improve the overall standard of China’s shoemaking industry. Its service targets mainly include supporting industrial enterprises such as shoe producers, distributers and retail enterprises and shoe material, shoe chemical engineering, and shoe-making equipment.

Service Content

● Provide footwear production, trade, retail, consumption and other information; assist enterprises to expand in the domestic and overseas market;

● Organize “Genuine Leather Mark Cup” footwear, leather goods, and leather clothing design competitions; foster footwear clusters, and lead regional diverse development.

● Actively deal with trade frictions; participate in the formation of domestic and international industrial standards.

● Implement brand strategy; carry out international exchange and cooperation activities.

● Organize industrial technical training; strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction practice.

● Advocate respect for intellectual property rights; maintain a fair competition market order.

Industry Introduction

China is one of the world’s largest shoe producing,consuming and exporting countries. China has more than 4000 shoe-making industrial enterprises employing 2 million people, with an annual gross value output of 570 billion yuan in 2012. The annual footwear output has reached 13 billion pairs, accounting for over 60% of the world. While exporting 10 billion pairs which is more than 70% of the world exports, China imports 50 million pairs with an annual consumption of 3 billion pairs.

Contact Information

Director: Lu Hua

Tel: 010-65226009

Fax: 010-65225150

Address: Rm. 701,Tower C2, Finance Fortune Center, No. 18, Xizhimenwai Ave, Xicheng District, Beijing

Post Code: 100044

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