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China Fur Commission of China Leather Industry Association
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General Introduction

China Fur Commission approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs is affiliated to China Leather Industry Association. Its main task is to provide better services for the fur industry while improving its overall standard. Its members include fur farmers,fur manufacturing companies,distributors and other relevant enterprises.

Service Content

● While being entrusted by the government for the industry’s policies, China Fur Commission puts forward the industrial development planning and assists the government to implement economic and technical policies. In addition, it provides policy advice, organizes industrial research while collecting, sorting, analyzing data and planning the industrial development path.

● As for breeding animals for fur , China Fur Commission establishes a close relation with animal breeders building a bridge as a link among them. It promotes information exchange between the breeding industry and the downstream market. Furthermore, it guides the breeders to go according to the rules and constantly promotes animal welfare and ecological environmental protection awareness while assisting in modern methods of breeding.

● As for fur dying, China Fur Commission establishes cooperative relationship with higher learning institutions, enterprises and scientific research institutes. Relying on the efforts of Environmental Protection Group, it makes advancements in new technologies, achievements and promotes a sustainable industrial development.

● For its products, relying on the “Genuine Leather Mark" trademark, the Commission implements brand strategy improving the competitiveness of its own independent brands.

● For its production sites, the fur Commission constantly improves and develops new production bases. To ensure the stable development of fur industry, China Fur Commission conducts grading authentication for fur professional markets.

● In international arena, as a member of the International Fur Trade Federation, China Fur Commission makes every effort to protect the interests of China's fur industrial enterprises and better expresses their voice in the industry. Furthermore, it assists enterprises to open up to the international market hereby improving the influence of China fur industry globally.

Industry Introduction

Fur industry is an important sector of China’s leather industry with more than 4000 enterprises, and sales volume of about 240 billion yuan (excluding skin). According to statistics, in 2012, there were 453 fur and fur related products enterprises, with gross industrial output valued at 71.797 billion yuan, and China’s fur and fur related products (including skin) exports amounted to 3.05 billion USD, and imports 930 million USD respectively.

China’s fur industry is mainly distributed in the following provinces, namely : Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Henan, Guangdong, Gansu, Ningxia and other provinces; among which, Suning, Zaoqiang, Yangyuan, Changli, Tongerbao, Yuyao, Chung Fu, Sangpo and Wendeng are important fur production sites.

Contact Information

Director: Huang Yanjie

Tel: 010-65132313

Fax: 010-65270948

Address: Rm. 709,Tower C2, Finance Fortune Center, No. 18, Xizhimenwai Ave., Xicheng District, Beijing

Zip Code: 100044

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