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2007 Tariff Rate for Leather and Leather Related Industries of China
2007/2/15 13:28:00 Source: 中国皮革网 Author:未知
Ministry of Finance published 2007 Customs Tariff of Import and Export of China. (Detailed information please refer to New Industrial Policy (Chinese Version) subject on New features of 2007 tariff rate of leather industries are as follows: 1. Tariff rate for M.F.N. left unchanged,because China have fulfilled the promises according to WTO entry agreement. 2. In accordance with bilateral and multi-lateral agreements between China and trade partners,items of leather and leather products from Chile,Vietnam and Philippine will enjoy Agreement Tariff Rate since 2007. 3. Import duty of following items of semi-finished leather reduced by 2%.

4. Imports of 34 items of leather products added as Special Preferential Duty Rate goods. 5. Export duty of goat skin will remain at 20%.
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