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France retains fourth position in list of leading leather exporters
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France is the fourth most prolific exporter of leather products, according to a report by French leather industry body the Conseil National du Cuir (CNC). The data in the report refers to 2017.

The list is headed by China, which was responsible for 34% of global exports. CNC pointed out that this compares to the 45% share it claimed back in 2010. The chief beneficiary from China’s loss of market share in Vietnam, which has improved its own share by eight percentage points since 2010 and sits third in the list.

The other country ahead of France is Italy, which is responsible for 12% of global leather sector exports.

France maintains its third position when it comes to exports of leather and raw hides, making up 6% of the global total. The country’s prowess in the manufacturing of luxury handbags helped it to third place in the ranking of exporters of leathergoods. It is responsible for 10.5% of global exports in this category.

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