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Hugo Boss sells pineapple leather shoes
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Veganism is here to stay. Also Hugo Boss has recently a vegan shoe collection for men in the range in which leather was replaced by pineapple skin.

Is the pineapple the solution? A fashion trend with the fruit printed on all kinds of items has been around for a while now. But now the exotic fruit wants to conquer the world of shoes by bringing one of the biggest designers onto their vegan, non-exploitative manufacturing side: The South German Hugo Boss company has started to sell shoes made of pineapple leather.

Ecological Footprint

In the meantime, there are already many alternatives in processing natural fibers. These are becoming more and more popular, as the individual, ecological footprint of products is being considered more and more. Pineapple leather itself has been used for several years now and is now increasingly appearing within the world of fashion.

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