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Hidenet Weekly Report for November 11 2018
2018/11/15 15:34:35 Source: APLF Author: 点击率:

This week Hidenet’s Vera Dordick reports that in the US prices were once again mixed with low volumes traded for benchmark Heavy Texas Steers in a wide range between US$32.50 – US$36.00.

As has been par for the course for this year, slaughter exceeded sales and shipments adding to the backlog of hides in stock.

In Europe little change this week but there appears to be siftness in bulls as the automotive sector has slowed. Once again, footwear is singled out as the weak component of the leather demand pipeline.

In South America, Brazilian TR1 wet blue is still unchanged at US cents 65 – 70 per sw ft but fresh hides remain lower due to currency considerations. Brazilian leather exports reflect the poor state of demand this year with wet blue exports down by 30% this year.

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