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Mexico’s shoe production is not enough to meet domestic needs
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Almost 90% of the shoes made in Mexico in 2017 stayed in the domestic market, according to analysis of figures published by CICEG, the shoe industry’s main representative body in the state of Guanajuato.

In total last year, Mexican footwear factories produced 260 million pairs, exporting 26.3 million of them. But the 233.7 million pairs that stayed in Mexico fell short of satisfying the whole of the domestic market’s demand and the country imported an additional 88 million pairs.

CICEG and other industry associations have frequently expressed concerns about the threat to their member companies’ prosperity of lower-quality footwear coming into Mexico. The 2017 figure of 88 million pairs is lower than the 100 million pairs Mexico imported in 2014, but it is up by 7% on the figure for 2016 and is the second-highest this decade.

China and Vietnam were the sources of 70 million pairs of these shoes, 80% of total imports. Most of the imported footwear had uppers made from textiles (53.9% of all imports) or textiles (31.8%); only 9.7% of imported shoes were made of leather. The average price per pair was $11.87, but this is skewed by the very high average price per pair, $98.86, of the 730,000 pairs of shoes imported into Mexico from Italy last year. In contrast, the average price per pair for Chinese-made shoes coming into the country was $8.14. Italy’s share of the total volume of imported shoes was 0.8%, but its share of the value was 6.9%.

On the export side, 72.8% of the footwear Mexico exported last year went to the US, which bought almost 19.2 million pairs from its neighbour to the south. Singapore is a surprising second-biggest export market for Mexican footwear, buying 1.7 million pairs in 2017.

On average, exported Mexican footwear had a price of $18.03 per pair (Singapore paid the most, $24.96, compared to $18.91 for the US), and 35.3% of the shoes Mexican companies exported in 2017 were made of leather.

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