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XXXV IULTCS International Congress 2019
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XXXV IULTCS International Congress 2019: Scientific Committee announces presenter of the “Heidemann Lecture”: Professor Kheng Lim Goh of Newcastle University in Singapore (NUIS)

The Heidemann Lecture is a keynote presentation that is held in memory of Professor Dr Eckhardt Heidemann (1925-1999). Heidemann made significant practical contributions to the science of leather manufacture and he held a lifelong interest in the structure and properties of the collagen molecule. It is typical for the Host Society to invite a high profile guest lecturer to make this keynote presentation on a collagen related topic. Traditionally, the Heidemann Lecture is a plenary lecture of 30 – 45 minutes usually scheduled during the first morning of the Congress and as the opening lecture of the Scientific Programme.

Dr Goh has a long-standing interest in composite materials. His research aims to understand the physical properties of natural and synthetic composite materials and to use this understanding to engineer nanocomposite materials, as well as to repair damaged composite materials. He is one of the principal proponents for studying how collagen fibrils reinforce collagenous connective tissues based on the concept of stress transfer mechanism in fibre reinforcing composite materials. More significantly, he has developed a conceptual composite material framework for studying the mechanics of connective tissue that underpins the stress transfer mechanism at various hierarchical levels of the tissue. For simplicity, Dr Goh likens the collagenous connective tissue to the “infinity mirror”. For more information:

Currently, Professor Kheng Lim Goh is research leader of the “Advanced Composite Research Group” at the Newcastle University in Singapore and Newcastle Research and Innovation Institute Singapore (NewRIIS) and associated Professor to these institutions. He will be the presenter of the “Heidemann Lecture” thereby opening the scientific programme of the XXXV. IULTCS Global Congress on the morning of June 26th 2019 in Dresden, Germany.

The Scientific Committee is extremely pleased that Professor Goh is following the invitation to Dresden and is taking an active part in the congress in sharing his extensive knowledge and experience with our industry.

                                                                          Photo: Professor Kheng Lim Goh

The XXXV IULTCS World Congress Scientific Committee Calls for Papers – Abstract Submission System Open

With the opening of the abstract submission system in the beginning of October, the Scientific Committee of the Congress invites professionals, scientists, students and all interested stakeholders of the industry from around the globe for numerous paper submissions as base for an inspiring and ambitious scientific programme.

The abstract submission system is an easy-to-handle, fully automated IT-application with an intuitive user interface. In only five steps, a user will be guided by the system through the process. As the system creates an account for every user all formal information and content stays editable until the reviewing process starts.

For abstract submission go to:

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