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Tariff of 5% is enough to put Chinese tanners off US hides
2018/10/12 16:03:26 Source: APLF Author: 点击率:

A recent report from Bloomberg makes it clear that the new 5% tariff on imports of US hides has already been enough to put some Chinese tanners off.

In the report, Dongguan-based Junxi Leather said it would no longer source hides from the US, saying that the tariff was adding $35,000 to the cost of each container of US hides it orders.

In addition, general manager, Lyu Zhihao, told Bloomberg that the customs authorities at Chinese port have already begun subjecting shipments from the US to heavier scrutiny, potentially causing his leather production set-up expensive delays.

“It’s difficult,” he told the business media outlet, “because we have built up a relationship with our US suppliers over many years, but I am aiming to switch completely out of US sourcing. It’s too much of a bother now to import from the US.”

Information courtesy of Leatherbiz

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