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Hidenet Weekly Video Report for October 7 2018
2018/10/10 16:17:26 Source: APLF Author: 点击率:

Hidenet Vice President, Vera Dordick, reports that prices are unchanged the week after Lineapelle and there is little change in the poor demand for lower grade hides. It is the luxury market and the demand for higher grade hides and leather that has been driving the market in Italy.

In Brazil also little change but for larger contracts it is possible to negotiate below the market price for wet blue which is officially quoted around Us cents 65. Leather exports were positive by 19% in September compared to last year.

In the US all selections were steady to lower in thin trading after the short week in China. Raw hide sales were poor but wet blue sales outstripped slaughter for one of the very few times this year.

The proposed merger of the LIA and USHSLA is also mentioned but some observers of the USD market feel that this may be a “non-event”.

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