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Argentina takes steps to save its footwear industry
2018/10/8 11:09:28 Source: footwearbiz Author: 点击率:

The government of Argentina has confirmed that it will temporarily reduce the tariffs on the import of materials needed to manufacture shoes in an effort to avoid the collapse of the country’s footwear industry.

It is part of a series of measures to boost the competitiveness of Argentina’s manufacturing sector. The duties will be reduced from 35% to 15%.

The move comes after a number of shoe companies closed factories in the country, most notably casual footwear manufacturer Alpargatas. Just a few weeks after announcing it would shut down factories in Catamarca and Santa Rosa, Alpargatas said it is also reducing its workforce at its site in Olivares by 500 people.

According to local media reports, Alpargatas has more than halved its workforce in Argentina in the last three years. It now employs around 1,600 people in the country, compared to 3,700 in December 2015.

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