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Italy - Assocal wants more help for small businesses
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At the culmination of the recent Micam footwear show in Milan, the chair of Assocalzaturifici, Annarita Pilotti, said: “Micam is still an event with a strong international vocation.”

She warned, however, that a number of steps must be taken for this to remain the case, which she expressed to Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister, Luigi Di Maio, when he visited the exhibition.

“We asked him to free up as many resources as possible to help small businesses and cut social security contributions and taxation,” Ms Pilotti revealed, “because this is the only way companies can afford to pay their employees more, become more competitive and continue to invest, generating wealth and promoting an upswing in consumption.”

On behalf of Assocalzaturifici she also said it was important to remove the sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union, which she blamed for the poor participation of buyers from this country. Assocalzaturifici’s final demand is for European legislation that makes labelling of origin obligatory.

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