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Tanning - Ecco Leather says DriTan is part of a bigger plan for waterless tanning
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As reported on September 13, Ecco Leather has unveiled new tanning technology, DriTan , that it says can save 20 litres of water per hide.

According to Leatherbiz the company has confirmed that use of DriTan will be confined to the Ecco Leather tannery at Dongen in the Netherlands to begin with and, depending on results, rolled out from there to the group’s other tanneries in Indonesia, Thailand and China.

Ecco Leather’s head of applied research, Thomas Gøgsig, has explained: “We hope to find ways to share the new technology with our partners and the industry worldwide. But first we must learn from how it rolls out in-house.”

He went on to say DriTan will be the first step in a wider plan that Ecco Leather has “to make the entire leather manufacturing process water-free”.

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