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Raw Materials - US hide exports fall, but per-hide wet blue value is up
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In the first seven months of 2018, packers and traders in the US exported 16.9 million cattle hides, bringing in earnings of US$988.5 million. These figures, which include wet-salted and wet blue hides, represent a decline of 5.6% in volume and of 18.8% in value.

Shipments of wet-salted hides, at just over 14 million, fell by 2% in volume compared to the first seven months of 2017, and with earnings of US$697.4 million, by 21% in value.

In terms of wet blue, exports dropped in volume by 20% to 2.9 million, and in value by 13% to US$291.1 million. The value of wet blue hides, per piece, has gone up, however (please see below).

Over the period in question, January-July 2018, the average export price for wet salted hides from the US was US$49.78 per piece, compared to US$61.69, the average for the same months in 2017, a fall of 19.1%.

In the same way, the average price for wet blue in the first seven months of this year was US$100.69. The corresponding figure for the same months in 2017 was US$93.53, an increase of 7.6%.

Information courtesy of Leatherbiz

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