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ZDHC document seeks to improve wastewater quality
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The Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Programme has published a new document about wastewater treatment technologies that it hopes will serve as a guide on how to improve the quality of wastewater discharge in the apparel, textile and footwear industry.

This document builds on the wastewater guidelines the group presented in November 2016. ZDHC believes the two publications “set unified expectations of wastewater quality”.

“When we released the ZDHC wastewater guidelines, we took the first step for the industry to treat wastewater in a harmonised way. The guidelines present an aligned set of parameters, limit values and test methods to ensure brands and suppliers are working to the same set of expectations,” said Frank Michel, ZDHC executive director. “Now we are excited to publish the ZDHC wastewater treatment technologies document for the apparel, textile and footwear Industry to support the supply chain in implementing the ZDHC wastewater guidelines and help improve the quality of wastewater discharge.”

Wastewater treatment is a “complex process”, ZHDC has pointed out. It hopes this overview of wastewater treatment technologies, along with regional training programmes and other reference works, will help the supply chains of these industries fill in the gaps in their knowledge. It is also designed to help suppliers implement the necessary treatment systems in order to meet the requirements of the ZDHC wastewater guidelines.

The document is currently only available in English. It can be accessed here.

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