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USHSLA signs new letter to Congress
2018/6/27 16:50:43 Source: Leatherbiz Author: 点击率:

The US Hide, Skin and Leather Association (USHSLA) is among the signatories of a new letter to the Congress in Washington DC to express “increasing concern” about the current direction of US trade policy.

In the letter, which more than 50 industry bodies, including USHLA’s close ally the North American Meat Institute, put their names to, signatories say there is a growing willingness on the part of the Trump administration to use tariffs and import quotas as “a major policy tool” in trade disputes. They said this is something that Congress needs to address.

“Our trading partners have begun to respond to these tariff actions and are now poised to impose some $90 billion in tariffs on US exports,” the text said. “These retaliatory measures, which many of us predicted, target a broad range of US exports, including agricultural and chemical products.”

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