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Straight talking needed from shoe brands on new materials
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The 2018 edition of the American Leather Chemists Association’s annual convention got under way at the Eaglewood Resort in Illinois on June 20.

In keeping with tradition, the event opened with the John Arthur Wilson memorial lecture, delivered this year by the chief executive of tanning group PrimeAsia, Jon Clark.

Mr Clark chose as the title of his talk ‘Leather: An Honest Material in a Confusing and Changing Environment’. “Leather is an honest material because there is not a person in the world who does not know where leather comes from,” he told the audience.

However, he went on to explain in detail that, in the face of intense and often unfair criticism from campaign groups and competitors, there is a need for improvement in how those in the industry talk about leather to the outside world.

He said no one in the leather sector should fear new materials that a wide range of companies, including Nike, are developing and bringing to market. “We should embrace new technologies,” he said, “but in doing so we should insist on straight talking, on honest representation.”

It is because some suppliers of alternative materials are less honest than tanners that clear communication from the leather industry is required, and if it can find a way to speak with one voice, so much the better. “There is a desperate need for collaboration in this industry, for unity and like-minded thinking,” Jon Clark said.

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