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New automated system can detect 99% of hide defects, partners claim
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Specialist tannery technology provider Feltre has been working with partner DV Leather to introduce an automated hide defect detection and classification system.

At the 2018 Freiberg Leather Days event, Massimo Valente from DV Leather explained that the system can check five or six hides per minute for defects and classify them. It also constructs a comprehensive report on each batch of hides.

It works by using existing image processing techniques to acquire a very high-resolution image of each hide. It then detects the defects on the hide and grades it.

Mr Valente explained that the partners believe the technology can detect 99% of the defects that tanners are used to seeing on hides. They and their customers can draw up their own parameters for what does and does not constitute a defect.

He said the system is already in operation in the Arzignano cluster and has been tested extensively on wet blue and wet white, but not finished hides. He added that the equipment can be attached to any conventional samming machine.

“Manual inspection is highly subjective,” Mr Valente said, “and there is no universal system for recognising defects and disputes arise as a result. Human beings are unsuited to repetitive actions like these and fatigue, inevitably, sets in. We have the solution.”

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