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Hidenet Weekly Video Report for June 10 2018
2018/6/13 16:41:47 Source: APLF Author: 点击率:

Reporting from Scotsdale Arizona, Hidenet publisher Don Ohsman notes that the Brazilian market is weak with full substance wet blue (23 kg) TR1 is in a range between US cents 68 – 72 C&F although fresh green prices remain steady. Don also notes that there is little or no demand for TR4 and in some cases TR3 which are being used for gelatin. Conclusion – market is soft and weak in Brazil.

On the other hand, in Argentina and in Paraguay prices remain steady and in Argentina slaughter increased by 4% in May on the back of good beef demand for export and a lingering drought in northern areas.

There is a mixed picture in Europe this week. Lower grade North German bulls were softer and there were some reports of a US$5 difference between sellers of wet blue depending on the seller and the grade. An apparent shortage of top quality calf has Hermes concerned.

In Europe prices were lower with benchmark Texas now at US$40. Sales and shipments actually exceeded slaughter this week which is a rare occurrence. However, Don remarks that the market “”will not keep going down forever” indicating that in the opinion of Hidenet, prices may be near the bottom of this 3 year nine month bear market.

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