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Pakistan’s leather shoes now fetching $1 per pair more in export markets
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Shipments of leather shoes from Pakistan stayed constant in volume over the first ten months of the current financial year (July 2017-April 2018), at around 8.4 million pairs, but these exports brought in revenues of $88 million, an increase of 11% compared to the same months in the previous financial year.

These figures give an average export price per pair of $10.48, compared to $9.48 the year before, which means leather shoes are now fetching $1 per pair more in export markets.

In contrast, tanners in Pakistan exported almost 23.5 million square-metres of leather over the same period, bringing in export revenues of $270 million. These figures mean that, in spite of a 28% increase in the volume of leather exported over the ten-month period, leather manufacturers brought in 4.2% less export revenue.

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