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International Cooperation - Inescop to support leather projects in Egypt and Tunisia
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An EU-funded initiative that aims to bring industry stakeholders together to scale up social and eco-innovations in the Mediterranean is helping set up new projects in the leather sectors of Egypt and Tunisia.

The initiative, known as SwitchMed, also has the support of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), which has been involved in coordinating these projects.

Their goal is to help the leather industry in Egypt and Tunisia to “become more resource efficient, profitable and clean.”

UNIDO recently organised a series of business-to-business (B2B) events for stakeholders from Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia, in which it promoted business partnerships that can create new green opportunities and provide solutions to the wastewater problems faced by tanneries in these countries.

One of the eco-innovations presented during these meetings was a tanning technique developed by Spanish footwear industry research centre Inescop. It is known as Oxatan and revolves around the use of oxazolidine as an alternative to chrome.

As a result of the matchmaking activities UNIDO hosted in Tunisia, Inescop has signed a deal with the Tunisian Centre for Leather and Footwear (CNCC) to support training and skills development related to increasing productivity, reducing costs and solving problems related to the effects of chemical usage in tanneries.

This training programme will be targeted at footwear and leathergoods designers and technicians, as well as CNCC engineers.

In Egypt, an initial agreement for cooperation on two projects was made with the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The first one involves the setting up of a new tannery equipped with eco-friendly technology developed by Inescop. It would result in the creation of around 100 jobs.

A second project to set-up a new plant for the production of gelatine from the untanned leather waste of local tanneries was also discussed.

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