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Minister praises Portugal’s shoe sector
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 Portuguese government minister Ana Teresa Lehmann, secretary of state for industry, travelled to Porto on May 17 to give a welcome address at the twentieth UITIC Congress.

 On welcoming the congress’s 541 delegates from 37 countries, Ms Lehmann sang the praises of the Portuguese footwear industry. Since 2010, the minister said, the shoe manufacturing sector in Portugal has witnessed a 20% increase in the number of companies involved and growth of almost 25% in the number of people working in the country’s shoe factories.

These companies made more than 80 million pairs in 2017, with 95% of production going for export and she also repeated a point that industry body Apiccaps has made in the past, that Portuguese shoes now achieve the second-highest price per pair in the global footwear export market (behind only Italy).

“Footwear in Portugal is successfully making the transition now to Industry 4.0,” the minister said. “This proud, traditional sector is becoming a sector of the future. Portugal’s Industry 4.0 initiative, which I lead, has an ambitious roadmap and footwear is part of that. Footwear is exploring options created by Industry 4.0 and this will help it encourage entrepreneurship and attract new generations of workers to its factories.”

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