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Adidas and Nike relocated footwear production from China to Vietnam
2018/5/14 15:59:34 Source: Author:By SOPHIE CHAPMAN 点击率:

Many companies have been noted to relocated footwear manufacturing from China, with the nation advancing production on valuables, such as electronics.

With the shift in focus, the average wage of workers is rising along with skill levels, with many brands targeting south east Asian nations with lower wages.

“The most common sourcing model is shifting from ‘China Plus Many’ to ‘China Plus Vietnam Plus Many’” reads a United Stated Fashion Industry Association survey, regarding US fashion firms.

“The typical sourcing of portfolio today is the 30-50 percent from China, 11-30 percent from Vietnam, and the rest from other countries,” it continued.

Indonesia has also become a popular Asian nation for textile manufacturing, with the country placing ahead of China as Adidas’ second highest supplier of footwear after Vietnam.

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