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United States of America - Leather Research Laboratory course to run again in 2018
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As in previous years, the Leather Research Laboratory at the University of Cincinnati will offer leather education courses in 2018, aimed at helping anyone with an interest in leather to form a better understanding of the process involved in its production.

Using teaching material from a correspondence course that the American Leather Chemists’ Association offers, the team at the Leather Research Laboratory will teach participants “the skills necessary to transform raw hides into one of nature’s most beautiful materials”.

It is a hands-on course, with the group using the pilot tannery that the US Department of Agriculture runs near Philadelphia. It will run over two weeks, the first from May 14-18 and the second from July 16-19. The focus during the first week will be on the raw material to wet blue stage of production, while the second week will address wet blue to crust.

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