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Bead Technology - Xeros sets its sights on tanning 20% of bovine hides by 2022
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Developer of polymer bead-based technologies Xeros has said it expects its first revenues from applications in leather manufacturing to come through before the end of 2018 and has set itself the target of convincing tanners around the world to use its water- and chemical-saving technology to tan 20% of bovine hides by 2022.

On releasing its final results for 2017, Xeros said it had brought in income of £2.3 million, mostly from the technology’s use in industrial laundry applications, a better established market for the company. It ran up a loss of £28.7 million, but raised £25 million in capital in December 2017 “to accelerate commercialisation against specific milestones”.

In the tanning industry, Xeros said trials of the polymer-bead technology with leading European tanneries have been successful. It said it is now working to find the best way to incorporate the technology into existing tannery processes, but insisted commercial negotiations are ongoing “with multiple tanneries” and that it is targeting bringing in its first revenues from the leather industry before the end of 2018.

By the end of March 2018, the Xeros team had carried out retanning and dyeing of more than 2,300 hides during trials of the company’s technology, in partnership with a number of tanneries. “Production-scale trials have proved that our technology works for all hide applications,” Xeros said, “including automotive and shoe leather, and irrespective of the material used to construct the drums. We have designed the engineering solutions required to introduce our polymers into the tanning process, manage them during the cycle, and then remove them from hides before their [the polymer beads’] re-use. These developments are a significant step forward for transitioning tanneries from trials to implementation.”

The technology provider went on to say that its business model for the leather industry is one of “sharing gains with customers under long-term contracts”. It said it had signed a contract with Austrian tanning group Wollsdorf in July 2017 but is still waiting for a start date for implementing the “engineering solutions” for incorporating the polymer beads into the leather production process at the Wollsdorf tannery. “Following customer acceptance of our engineering solutions, revenue will be generated,” Xeros said.

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