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Pensole seeks out high school design talent
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The Pensole Footwear Design Academy has launched a new national design competition for US high school students which carries prizes worth nearly $90,000.

The ‘Sneakerhead of State’ contest has been developed to introduce young people to potential career paths in apparel and accessory design, colour design, graphic design, and footwear design.

The participants will compete online across four categories for the chance to win a scholarship to attend Pensole’s programme at the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA).

The overall winners will see their products made and sold through an online partner, with proceeds from the sales going towards future competitions.

“The first spark that I could have a career in this industry hit me by winning a design competition when I was in high school,” explained D’Wayne Edwards, founder of Pensole. “Having a programme dedicated to finding pre-college design talent and giving those individuals a pathway into college has been a mission of mine since day-one. It is our industry’s responsibility to show these young minds they can be more than just consumers.”

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