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The Italian tanning industry is estimated to have closed Y2017 with a growth in total production volumes (+3.1%), against a stability (positive, + 0.7%) in value.

The trend during the second half of the year recorded only a partial improvement compared to the first half and the overall picture still shows some uncertainties.

As far as the main production segments are concerned, the overall positive sign seemed to be linked to the good sales results of medium-large bovine and goat leathers (+2% both); while the total turnover of calf leather (-3%), sheep leather (-5%) and the residual category of "other animals" (-8%) declined.

From the analysis on the destination use, the good trend of the demand for car interiors leather and the substantial positivity of the furnishings material persisted. Fashion customers work patchy, with sales to leather goods manufacturers generally confirmed as brighter than footwear, with a persistent attention to price.

Italian leather export, which has a total value of about 4 billion euros and reaches 125 countries averagely every year, recorded an increase of around 1% in value (2017 estimates, based on the first ten months official data). Among the main foreign destination countries, the upward return of Italian leather shipments to the Chinese area stands out (+6% of growth after a difficult two-year period). After seven years of continuous increases, the US market appears slightly slowing (-2%). Still positive results on the United Kingdom (+6%) and Vietnam (+12%). The EU continental market was not very bright. With the only positive exception of France (+5%), exports to Spain (-6%), Germany (-3%), Poland (-8%) and Portugal (-1%) decreased. Among the EU manufacturing customers’ delocalizations, shipments to Romania, Tunisia, Bulgaria and Serbia fall; Albania, Czech Republic and Hungary on the rise.

The trend in exports, which, if confirmed by final official data, interrupts the slightly negative trend observed in 2015-2016, is a confirmation of the major and growing importance of the contribution of foreign markets to Italian tanning industry turnover. Nowadays it represents 75% on total, while in 1992 the share was 35%.

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