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Sudan: Minister of Industry - Leather Sector Has an Effective Economic and Social Weight
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Khartoum, 27 (SANA) -The Minister of Industry Dr. Musa Karama has affirmed, during his chairmanship of the 4th meeting of the Sudanese Council for the Development of the Leather Sector, that leather was an economically and socially effective sector in combating poverty and improving living standards. He said: "We expect it to add more values in the next stage as it is a strategic sector provides hard currencies for the country."

During the meeting, the Minister welcomed the Director General of the African Institute of Leather.

The meeting reviewed a report on the position of the leather sector in Sudan, discussing the opportunities and potentials, expecting contribution of this sector to economic development.

Dr. Karama stressed the importance of the leather and leather industries in the region, referring to the necessity of the front and back links in improving the image and quality of work including livestock and leather products. He called on COMESA to support the leather sector through the exchange of design and role-playing techniques among African countries.

The meeting discussed the rules of the council and the functions of the executive and technical committees, in addition to the appointment of a permanent secretariat for the council and determining its headquarters instead of the executive committee.

The meeting touched on the duties of the Sudanese Council for the Development of the Leather Sector including the support and development of the leather industry and products, calling for the introduction of the value added strategy for the leather sector, which was developed by COMESA and follow-up implementation according to the time periods stipulated in the strategy.

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