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Registrations open for 121st SLTC conference
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The 121st International Conference of the Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists (SLTC) takes place April 21, 2018 at the University of Northampton in Northampton.

Philip Warner from the National Leather Collection will open the event with the Wolstenholme Memorial Lecture, ‘Curating the National Leather Collection’. Other lectures presented throughout the day include how basicity in basic chrome sulphate can affect wet-blue tanning, the elimination of effluent from liming and chromium, the role of UNIDO in supporting leather education and establishing minimum environmental guidelines for tanneries worldwide.

The conference will conclude with a discussion between ILM columnist and blogger, Dr Mike Redwood with Vikrant Pratap, Global Director of Leather Technologies, Xeros.

An evening cocktail reception and dinner will follow the one-day event. To view the full agenda and register for the SLTC conference, please click here.

COTANCE in raw materials warning over trade deal with Mercosur

Leather industry representative body COTANCE and trade union organisation industriAll-Europe have carried out a review of the trade negotiations between the European Union and its counterpart in South America, Mercosur.

In a statement at the start of March, the two organisations, which refer to themselves as ‘social partners’, said they understand that negotiations for an EU-Mercosur trade deal are now in their final phase. However, there is still no agreement, as far as they can tell, on “the promised dismantling of export restrictions and duties applied by Mercosur to hides, skins and intermediate tanned leather”.

The social partners then called on the European Commission to ensure a trade deal for the leather sector that “consecrates full reciprocity in a symmetrical process”.

They insist on the need to put an end to “the protectionist trade barriers” on raw materials from Mercosur and warned that, without this, a free trade deal between the two trading blocs will risk forcing out of business “a profitable EU tanning industry that creates wealth and employment in the EU and that is today a model for the world in terms of social accountability and environmental performance”.

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