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Pakistan: tanners export 66% more leather but earn less
2018/1/26 14:00:37 Source: Leatherbiz Author: 点击率:

Pakistan’s leather industry export revenues for the first six months of the current financial year (July-December 2017) were just under $475 million, at almost the same level as in the corresponding months a year earlier.

Tanners exported a volume of 15.1 million square-metres of finished leather over the period, bringing in $160 million in revenues. These figures represent an increase in volume of 66% compared to the same months in 2016, by a decline in revenues of 6%.

Pakistan also exported almost 4.5 million pairs of leather shoes between July and December 2017, bringing in revenues of $49.7 million. This means volumes of leather shoe exports declined by 4.8% but values increased by 6.4%.

Leathergoods exports increased by 1.8% over the period to reach $265 million.

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