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Rhodia targets footwear with biodegradable fibre
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Brazilian fibre manufacturer Rhodia used the recent Inspiramais exhibition in São Paulo (January 16-17) to present its Amni Soul Eco polyamide yarn for use in footwear.

When unveiling it in 2014, Rhodia said Amni Soul Eco was the world’s first biodegradable yarn. It claims the yarn takes less than three years to biodegrade.

It has already been employed in clothing, but Rhodia is now seeking to expand its application to the footwear industry. At Inspiramais, the yarn was represented in a collection by Brazilian shoe brand Insecta.

“The advancements in synthetic fibre technology are creating functional qualities that could be very interesting for the footwear sector,” said Renato Boaventura, president of the fibres division of Rhodia’s parent company Solvay. “Our biodegradable fibre aims to bring well-being, comfort and sustainability to this sector, which is always seeking out innovation.”

The collection also features a new lightweight, sustainable outsole, which Rhodia developed alongside its partner Pro P.U. “Our objective was to develop a complete solution, one which meets with global trends and addresses the needs of the footwear industry, Mr Boaventura explained.

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