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Defending Leather - COTANCE continues authenticity fight with scathing letter to Dr. Martens
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European Union leather industry representative body COTANCE has continued its campaign against the misuse of the term ‘leather’ to describe finished products made from alternative materials. The organisation sent a strongly worded letter to footwear brand Dr. Martens on January 18 to complain about the company’s references to ‘leather’ in its description of shoes in its current collection that are made from synthetic materials.

In the latter part of 2017, Dr. Martens began to sell the shoes on its website and in shops, juxtaposing the word ‘leather’ with terms including ‘synthetic’ and ‘vegan’. A sales representative at one of the brand’s shops recently told World Leather: “I don’t see what the problem is. Everyone understands what these terms mean.”

However, in its letter, COTANCE said these terms are self-contradictory and it called on Dr. Martens to recall the display materials it is using to describe these particular shoes, saying this will allow Dr. Martens to put itself “on the safe side with regard to unfair commercial practices”. It warned that “the use of oxymorons for leather in commercial communications” is against the law in many EU member states.

COTANCE said: “The international leather community puts emphasis on the correct use of leather terms on the market to preserve the cultural heritage of this industry and to ensure that leather keeps its distinct and select character in the mindset of consumers. This is also in the best interest of the users of leather, including Dr. Martens, as it allows this premium material to justify and maximise its value.”

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