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Leather Pipeline: China is no longer a safe haven for salted hides
2018/1/24 14:22:10 Source: APLF Author: 点击率:

The latest edition of our exclusive fortnightly market intelligence report, Leather Pipeline, explains why China is no longer such a lucrative market for global salted hide exporters.

According to the report, which is available here, it wasn’t too long ago that exporting salted hides to China generated better returns than selling them in Europe. Strong demand was the result of good consumption of commodity leathers and overcapacity in production in the country. This made it easy for raw material suppliers to insist on ambitious prices, the report says.

It warns, however, that a drastic decline in production capacity and a massive fall in the demand for leather in the price-oriented consumer markets in China means this is a thing of the past.

This is just one way in which the leather market has changed in recent years, the report states. Another example it offers is the widening spread between hides that have to be offered salted and those that can be offered chilled. It points to the wastewater situation in Italy and the focus of premium producers on fresh material as two of the reasons for this.

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