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GLCC takes Nike to task over ‘Flyleather’
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The Global Leather Coordinating Committee (GLCC), which brings together the three international leather organisations (the International Council of Tanners – ICT, the International Council of Hides, Skins and Leather Traders Associations – ICHSLTA, and the International Union of Leather Chemists and Technologists Societies – IULTCS), has issued a statement on Nike’s use of the term ‘Flyleather’.

“In the statement, the organisation also questions environmental claims the sports brand has made about the material in comparison to genuine leather. ‘Flyleather’, which Nike introduced in September 2017, uses discarded leather scraps from the floor of tanneries and combines them with synthetic fibres and fabric. The material then goes through a finishing process and is put on rolls for cutting.

While welcoming any process that makes profitable use of otherwise unusable leather splits, shavings and trimmings,” GLCC has said, “members are concerned to clarify that this material is not leather and that the term ‘Flyleather’ serves to confuse the definition of leather and would be considered inappropriate and illegal in many countries of the world.”

It added that GLCC members “remain unconvinced” by claims concerning the environmental footprint of ‘Flyleather’, since the system boundaries Nike has used in the calculation are not clear. According to GLCC, Nike’s calculations appear not to be consistent with a methodology that would make possible a valid comparison with leather.

GLCC has sent the statement to Nike and has invited the brand to respond.

We have reproduced the GLCC statement in full in our blog section.

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