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Ethiopia: Expanding Industrial Parks to Ensure Sustainable Growth
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It is a sheer fact that Ethiopia has been offering golden opportunities to those who want to invest in manufacturing businesses like textiles and garments/apparel, leather and leather products, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, engineering and metal fabricated products, and agro-processing .

Mostly Ethiopia's manufacturing sector's competitive advantage is driven by the availability of abundant workforce, the country's geographic location, the country's preferential access to key global markets, and the government's strong investment commitment and sense of direction, according to the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC).

According to Mekonnen Hailu, EIC, Public Relations Directorate Director, the future of the sector would furthermore augmented by the large-scale development of industrial parks in many parts of the country.

Moreover, the country has realized successful results in promoting its investment opportunities and attracting anchor investors , he said.

As to him, Ethiopia is on the move to expand the industrial parks to assure the sustainable development of the country.

For example, more recently Ethiopia inaugurated three Chinese-built industrial parks that would attract export-oriented foreign companies to the East African country's textile, food processing and apparel production setting, he added.

Mekonnen noted that the three industrial parks, Hawassa, Mekelle and Kombolcha, were built as part of its efforts to become Africa's manufacturing hub. Located in southern and northern part of Ethiopia, the commission has already begun promotion works on the parks aimed at attracting renowned export-oriented foreign companies to Africa's nation.

The country has a plan to uplift its current 150 million USD revenue from exporting textile and apparel materials to more than one billion USD, according to the Director.

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