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China - Ningbo Customs seized large amount of smuggled leather
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Recently, Ningbo Customs carried out a special campaign to crack down on leather smuggling codenamed "NB1712". The General Administration of Customs on "Combating Foreign Trash" smuggling activities verified the import of 23,000 tons of wet-salted leather. This is the largest case of smuggling of imported goods in the country since the establishment of Ningbo Customs.

It is understood that this year, Ningbo Customs Anti-Smuggling Bureau by clues analysis found that from January 2016 to November 2017, the actual smugglers from overseas ordered wet-salted leather and managed to clear the shipment will false import documents and modifications to the Bill of Lading.

At 6:00 on December 19, according to preliminary investigations, Ningbo Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau deployed 50 police officers in the customs area to carry out arrests in Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places. They searched more than 10 offices, warehouses and houses, detained documentary evidence and a batch of electronic evidence; arrested 10 suspects and desarticulated three smuggling gangs.

After smuggling the contraband leather into the country, it is usually processed in some illegal tanning plants. The entire process generates large amounts of sewage with viruses, such as Foot and Mouth Disease, which not only pollute the environment but also spread the virus to local livestock.

The detection of the case and the full-scale crackdown on smugglers are of great significance for the protection of animal husbandry and human health in the country.

Information courtesy of Zhejiang News. Edited by Richard Smith

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