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Danish company announces pan-European launch of new lacing system
2017/12/6 16:20:52 Source: footwearbiz Author: 点击率:

A Danish company, Uturn Innovations, is launching a new lacing system to the rest of Europe after it has proved a success in Danish-designed safety footwear.

The lacing system works with a wheel that turns to tighten and loosen a wire lace system. Testing took place in cooperation with the National Institute of the Leather Industry in Poland, which Uturn says guarantees “the high standards and reliability of the product”.

Chief executive, Michal Zbierajewski, has said: “We believe that the Uturn lacing system is the future for footwear, offering simple fastening and equal tension for the entire lacing system. The system has already been successfully used in safety and sports footwear but it suits all equipment where precise and stable lace adjustment is a must.”

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