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China - Environment Waste investigation undertaken in Hebei Province
2017/11/30 15:43:19 Source: APLF Author: 点击率:

The northern Chinese province of Hebei is once again under the environmental spotlight by the Provincial Department of Environmental Protection. A solid waste investigation programme has been launched covering the leather, fur, show making, plastic recycling and other polluting industries so as to gather data on how to manage and utilize solid industrial waste from these manufacturing processes.

The aim is to verify the origins of hazardous waste and identify the companies generating it in the above named industrial sectors. When this data has been collected a plan should then be put forward a feasibility study for the utilization os such waste.

The data will be gathered by the municipal and county environmental protection departments and these are also responsible for the investigation at all levels. The Provincial Environmental Protection Department will organize random checks to verify any concealment or omission resulting in environmental pollution accidents and any personnel involved will be held responsible.

There is already talk in the media about more tanneries being shut down in Hebei province even before all the data has been collected and analyzed.

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