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EU to draw up counterfeiting ‘watch list’ in fight against fakes
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Brussels will draw up a list of countries and online marketplaces that are the biggest source of fake goods and piracy coming into Europe, as the EU steps up its fight against the multi-billion euro counterfeiting industry.

The European Commission on Wednesday revealed plans to help curb the sale of fake goods in the EU, which make up 5 per cent of all imports into the continent and are worth €85bn.

As part of the measures to protect intellectual property rights, the EU will compile a “watch list” of the biggest non-EU markets involved in producing and selling fake goods and tighten up security at Europe’s customs borders.

China is the biggest single source of the world’s fake goods, according to the EU’s Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), with Montenegro, Hong Kong, and Malaysia also big producers. Footwear, leather goods, clothing, electrical goods and watches are the main fake items seized by European customs authorities, according to the EUIPO.

But Brussels has been criticised by the world’s biggest consumer and luxury brands for failing to come down harder on online websites where fake goods sales have proliferated in recent years. Over a 100 companies and associations, including Louis Vuitton, Adidas, and Prada, wrote to Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission president, earlier this month calling on the EU to draw up laws against counterfeiting rather than asking websites and advertisers to cooperate on a voluntary basis. Brussels has said its existing laws are still “fit for purpose”.

Michelle Gibbons, of the European Brand Association, said the measures were “far from enough”.

“Unless the legislative framework to protect European innovation and creativity is modernised and strengthened, counterfeiting will continue to expand dramatically, as will negative impacts for the health and safety of European consumers” said Ms Gibbons.

In another highly-anticipated set of guidelines being watched by Apple and Qualcomm, the Commission said it would not be taking sides in the battle between patent holders like Qualcomm and Nokia against companies like Apple and Samsung who use wireless technologies in their devices.

The EU said it backed a “fair and balanced” system for the licensing of these “standard essential patents” (SEP) where manufacturers can get access to chip technology and intellectual property holders are also rewarded fairly.

“Some people have asked us to take sides. We believe stakeholders should solve the issue between themselves” said Jyrki Katainen, EU commission vice president.

Morgan Reed, president of the App Association, said the guidelines were a positive result for app developers and tech start-ups who rely on chip technology for innovation.

“We appreciate the clear recognition the Commission gives to the role that SMEs and startups play in the innovation process. We applaud the Commission for providing transparent and predictable conditions for SEP licencing, and at the same time respecting everyone’s intellectual property”, said Mr Reed.

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