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Nigeria: How Chinese Products Are Killing 'Made in Aba' Shoes
2017/11/21 16:01:26 Source: By Linus Effiong Author: 点击率:

Umuahia — If nothing is done urgently to salvage the situation, very soon, local manufacturers of shoes, belts and bags may be sent out of business. If this happens, the slogan that Aba is the Japan of Africa will be a thing of the past.

Major markets in Aba, such as the Ariaria, New Market and Cemetery Market are increasingly becoming dumping grounds for products from Asian countries, especially China. Experts have observed that this situation is largely undermining the Nigerian market and drastically affecting the country's already distressed manufacturing sector.

Obviously, being the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria has become a huge market for Chinese products.

Investigation by Daily Trust on Sunday revealed that shoes from China are highly subsidised for export; hence they are sold cheaper than made in Aba products. And Nigerians prefer cheaper products.

The main outlet for the Chinese products is the popular China Town, from where they are distributed to major markets across Nigeria.

Our correspondent further learnt that the Ariaria International Market has over 70, 000 professional and enterprising shoemakers, besides their apprentices and artisans. A total of 250,000 artisans engage in the production of shoes and garments. They are further divided into sections, namely, production, marketing and transportation.

Also, dealers on raw materials such as leather, shoe soles, gum, fiber and other accessories, make good sales. Women also compete for patronage at various stages of production.

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