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Africa - Majority of Zimbabwe’s small hides ‘are going to waste’
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Around 60% of the raw hides produced in Zimbabwe are going to waste due to a policy making it hard to export light hides and the absence of a domestic market for them, according to Reneth Mano, an economist at the Zimbabwe Livestock and Meat Advisory Council (LMAC), reports Leatherbiz.

He urged the government to review its policy of applying a tax of 0.75 Zimbabwean cents per each kilogramme of hide exported as it has rendered small hides, which make up around 60% of the raw hides produced in the country, unsellable abroad. These hides no not have a place in the domestic market either, he says, as the Zimbabwean tanning industry is only equipped to process heavy hides.

Mr Mano sees two options moving forward. He explains: “There are two solutions, either we invest in modernising our farming so that we turn our lighter hides into leather, but that’s a medium-term project, which requires a lot of support and private sector involvement. Or, in the interim period, we allow two products to get out of Zimbabwe, that is, the heavy hides and the semi-processed leather (e.g. wet blue leather) which does not have a market locally, but can fetch premiums in some international markets.”

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