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Prototype garment from Modern Meadow to go on show at MoMA
2017/8/4 11:11:46 Source: Leatherbiz Author: 点击率:

At the time of its announcement about a new process for biofabricating collagen, biotech company Modern Meadow revealed that it has already made a prototype garment from the material.

Using a proprietary biofabrication process, based on employing DNA editing tools to engineer specialised collagen-producing yeast cells, Modern Meadow is now able to make what it calls “collagen that rivals any collagen currently on the market” at a competitive cost and on an industrial scale.

The prototype garment is a T-shirt, which will go on show in October at the Museum of Modern Art in New York; it will be part of an exhibition called Is Fashion Modern? Commenting on the development, Modern Meadow’s chief creative officer, Suzanne Lee, said: “Our technology enables designers to explore materials in exciting new ways, enabling never-seen-before functionality, aesthetics and performance possibilities. We are thrilled to be showcasing an example of our creative materials platform at MoMA, an institution respected worldwide for its dedication to design innovation and creative expression.”

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