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Modern Meadow says new yeast-based process is a ‘turning point’
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Biotech company Modern Meadow has said a new biofabrication process it has introduced can produce “collagen that rivals any collagen currently on the market” at a competitive cost and on an industrial scale.

Chief technology officer, Dave Williamson made the claim during a presentation in Denver at the annual meeting of the Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology. During the presentation, Dr Williamson said: “Until a couple years ago, we were still using tissue engineering to produce lab-scale volumes of collagen. Now, using our proprietary biofabrication process, we are producing animal-free, recombinant collagen that rivals any collagen currently on the market. This shows that it’s possible not only to create breakthrough materials, but to do so on an industrial scale.”

He added that the announcement marks “a substantial turning point” for Modern Meadow. The company’s new technology platform uses DNA editing tools to engineer specialised collagen-producing yeast cells. The cells are optimized to manufacture the type and quantity of collagen required. Once purified, the collagen is formulated and assembled into materials that the New York-based company says can be used for consumer applications.

After the presentation, chief executive, Andras Forgacs, commented: “We’ve advanced our technology to the point where we are creating materials tailored to specific applications. With this announcement, we’re excited to bring biofabrication to consumers at scale.”

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