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Hidenet weekly video report for 30 July 2017
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In this week’s report Hidenet publisher Don Ohsman notes that this week’s big news was in the USA where benchmark Texas steer prices plunged from around US$64.50 (c&f) in mid-July to around US$51 on Thursday / Friday last week.

A big seller unloaded to just a few Asian tanneries. The seller was happy to unload and the buyers felt they got a bargain. This huge trade cleaned out the stock weighing on the market and did not have significant impact on other prices which all drifted lower but did not “plunge”.

In Latin America business is quiet in steady conditions. Brazilian full substance wet blue, TR1 (23 kgs)is still offered at US$1.18. It is the automotive and upholstery sectors that are maintaining the market. European interest is almost non-existent as the August shutdown looms and there is only minimal Chinese interest at present.

In Europe this week many tanners are closing for the annual vacation and so all is quiet but some tanners could return from vacation with decent orders. As in South America it is the automotive sector keeping the market turning as demand for shoe leather remains dull. Bulls remain firm with all other selections mixed.

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