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Chinese tanners prepare to put footwear behind them
2017/7/26 11:17:33 Source: Leatherbiz Author: 点击率:

Tanners in China are preparing to give up on footwear and start making leather for customers in the furniture and automotive segments instead. That’s the message in the latest Leather Pipeline market intelligence report, published in our Leatherbiz Weekly newsletter today.

The report, which subscribers can read in the Market Info section of the website, quotes industry commentators in China as saying footwear-facing tanneries are operating at between 30% and 50% of their usual capacity. They attribute this, in part, to a move among footwear manufacturers to produce shoes and source leather in Vietnam instead of China, but according to Leather Pipeline, the figures still indicate that footwear companies are using substantially less leather than in previous seasons.

As a result, it goes on, some Chinese tanners are preparing to switch to furniture and automotive. It says growth in leather manufacture for shoes over the last 10 or 15 years in China has led to “massive overcapacity”, which the industry is having to deal with now.

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