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Make the switch to chrome-free tanning
2017/6/22 13:44:15 Source: Leatherbiz Author: 点击率:

Everybody loves leather. It is timeless and will never go out of fashion. However, consumers become more aware of what they wear and increasingly ask for high-quality and sustainable leather. To support tanners and brands in this challenge, Stahl offers Stahl EasyWhite Tan; the sustainable tanning system to create chrome-free leather. The system significantly reduces the consumption of water, salt and energy in the tanning process.

High-quality and sustainable

The quality of leather tanned with Stahl EasyWhite Tan is outstanding. It is very soft and smooth, yet it remains dimensionally and thermally stable. The collagen fibres are less damaged during the tanning process, resulting in a tighter grain and wrinkle reduction, which upgrades the leather quality. The stronger fibres make the leather more durable, tear resistant and greatly versatile. This enables thinner and lighter leather than ever.

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